Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Brainstorming/Ideas: A Social Network

Brainstorming/Ideas: A Social Network: "Social Network (Brainstorming: 1) Problem: Privacy control Today the Social networks are so advanced but still the privacy p..."

A Social Network

Social Network (Brainstorming: 1)

Problem: Privacy control
                 Today the Social networks are so advanced but still the privacy problem exists or is very tedious to select the unwanted people one by one for every post, there are users who wouldn't add their family members, colleagues at work, professional contacts other friends just because they fear what if they post something (Status, Photos, Links, etc) which was not meant to be seen by few people in the whole friends list. This forces users (few) to create duplicate profiles but with different network on each profile and hence it’s difficult to post common content and maintain all the profiles.

Solution: A Social Network (if possible using Facebook API) where all the content is managed by you. Add your friends, family, professional contacts in one profile and manage the content your way.

Idea: Create a Social Network where people can have multiple profiles but under the same login. A user can create a list of friends he has (School, Family, Work) and he can have different content for every list (Probably a dropdown with multiple selection on top of the page to select the list).
1.) He logs in and selects either ALL or the list names that he would like to post the content.
 2.) He posts the content and now this content can just be viewed by the people on the list he selected earlier.
 3.) Can be an added feature is to detect what content it is and to automatically select the list the content should be posted to( after learning from the user  behavior of posting contents to his lists )

This gives the user to add all the contacts he has in just one account and thus it will let him maintain relationships with friends, family, professional contacts.  Added would be a new professional list page where it would be just easy to post professional content (work experience, Resume, etc) and others can download the same if the user's privacy setting allows.

**Please provide your feedback on this( If you think there is a problem and the idea solves it, anything more to it would be appreciated)**